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As a novice to programming, I learned a bit of basic python to understand what if, and, != etc mean. I am learning GD script through youtube video tutorials. Apart from that theres no explanation as to how a novice new to programming, can build up their knowledge on how to use functions such as ceil , ease, atan2 ?

Also how can I go about learning classes such as animated sprite , Array, ConvexPolygonShape etc and its functions ?

All the tutorials so far I have seen, Just say .. okay type this , next click this , next type this ... etc.

Is there any step by step recommendation or suggestion. I would like to learn things on my own, but i dont know how to go about it.

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The questions are: Do you know how functions work, what is the returning value and function arguments? Do you know math (what is the math function, general math functions - sine, cosine, etc., terms like ceil and floor,...)? If yes, use those functions when you need them. If you're not sure about some of them, use integrated documentation.

About classes - don't learn every one of them and every function. First, read the tutorials from here. They aren't too detailed but they should give you some important basics. Download the demos, open some easy one and try to learn how things work. If you have to, go line after line and refer to class documentation. Make a new project, think about what you want to do and what classes you probably need. Learn only the functions you need.

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All the tutorials so far I have seen, Just say .. okay type this ,
next click this , next type this ... etc.

Go through all the tutorials and you'll understand

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