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I'm new to shaders and I wanted to limit the particle system to be drawn to pixel perfect integers to recreate the Celeste dust step effect. I know I can go into the project settings and change the stretch mode to viewport instead of 2d but I want just the particle system to be limited to pixel perfect integers.

I figured out how to pixelate a sprite thanks to the Godot shader demo, but apparently particles work in a different way. From what I understand you have to manipulate the vertex data because that's the information that particles give you? How would I achieve a pixelate shader with this vertex data or can this even be achieved by a vertex shader?

My hunch for what will need to happen is to draw the particles to some sort of texture and then pass that texture to the fragment shader to pixelate the particles. Since I am a beginner I really have no idea how to do that.

I'd appreciate any help on this topic, thanks!

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