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I have been trying to create a random generation but I need a random number and when I set the position it says that:
Invalid set index 'x' (on base: 'CSGMesh') with value of type 'float'.
Here is my code:

extends Spatial
var randgenerate = RandomNumberGenerator.new()
onready var land = $CSGMesh
func _ready():
# randomize seed
# generate a random float between -1 and 0
var randfloat = floor(randgenerate.randfrange(0, 100) * 10)
# print random number
land.x = rand

asked May 20 in Engine by Coder8188 (16 points)

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With land.x you're trying to set the position as though the CSGMesh is a Vector3. You need to set the land.translation.x or land.transform.origin.x, regardless if it's a float or int.

answered May 20 by Magso (2,851 points)
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