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So I'm trying store some data (scene locations) in text file, So i can load it when my game runs.

var fp:File = File.new()
while not fp.eof_reached():
    var l = fp.get_line()
    if fp.file_exists(l):

I created enemy_list.txt beforehand. I am not able to import it inside my project, so it is visible inside the editor.
I just placed the text file inside the Enemy/ folder. But the code only works on editor not when build.
I have looked in the Resources class there is a sub-class TextFile, which I created but there is not any method in the class to access the data.

Is there is any other way to achieve this?
Thank you for taking your time.

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I found the solution through a reddit link
You just need to specify non resource types in export menu.
documentation link

Should have read the documentation. :)

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While I haven't really investigated this, I'd guess it's related to how resources are packaged into a build. See my lengthy answer to a similar issue here:


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So after loading with ResourceLoader as you suggested how can read the contents of the text file.

Is the enemy_list.txt file not being found, or is it not finding the files that are referenced inside the enemy_list.txt file?

If possible, post the contents of the enemy_list.txt file as well as the folder structure defining where the files it references are located...

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