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Hello, I'm trying to make a knockback mechanic but I can't use physic process to use moveandcollide because the function is outside of it, so I decided to use root motion to move my character but I don't know anything about it and all the tutorials online talk about Blender and stuff, but I want to animate the movement using Godot.
Any help would be appreciated.

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2D or 3D?

I can't use _physic_process to use move_and_collide because the function is outside of it

Not sure if I can follow... Which function is outside of what? Probably would be easier to understand if you had provided some of your code, but it doesn't really sound like animation solves your issue, first and foremost because it won't check for collisions.

all the tutorials online talk about Blender and stuff

That's because root motion is about "Blender and stuff": you animate a character in Blender and then import the animation into Godot. Never done it myself, but this video seems to give a good overview about how it works.

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