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I have some problems with this code:

It finds the path between a Player and an Ennemy, both are KinematicBody like this:

--> Skeleton
-> AnimationPlayer
-> CollisionShape

The floor is a Gridmap

There is also a Navigation like this:

--> NavigationMeshInstance
--> ImmediateGeometry # Just to test the path

I use "Bake NavMesh" with the floor as child then move the floor out the Navigation

All is working well, the Enemy find and follow the path to the Player except he is not on the ground, he is floating a little above...

Any idea???

This is part of my code:

Thank you...

func FollowPlayer(delta):

    var Monster =  global_transform.origin
    var Player = Player.global_transform.origin

    if(NavTimer.get_time_left() == 0):
        PathPoints = Nav.get_simple_path(Monster, Player)

        if(PathPoints.size() < 2):
            PathPoints = []

    if (PathPoints.size() > 0):

        var move_vec = (PathPoints[0] - Monster)
        if move_vec.length() < 0.1:
            move_and_slide(move_vec.normalized() * Speed * delta, Vector3(0, 1, 0))
            look_at(PathPoints[0], Vector3(0, 1, 0))
            rotation_degrees.y = 180+rotation_degrees.y
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1 Answer

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move_and_slide needs a -y value to resemble gravity.

move_and_slide((move_vec.normalized() * Speed) + Vector3.DOWN * delta, Vector3(0, 1, 0))
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