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In preview mode the video plays very well, but when exported to HTML5 no video is shown.
With debug mode enabled, It shows an error that says that could not load the resource.
I've tryed to move the video file to the exported folder, but nothing happened.

Is this a bug, or something that I missed?

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Are you sure the video file is exported? Try "export all files" in Export>Resources.

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yes, I've tried all options.. including export all files, and another one "export all resources, including dependences".

I've have noticed that a file called "data.pck" has the same size as the original (ogv) file.
And when I enable "debugging enabled", I can read an error :

"[1;31mERROR: setlocale: [0m[1mInvalid Locale: C [0;31m At:
core/translation.cpp:520.[0m FS SYNCHED! close data.pck flags 1
[1;31mERROR: load: [0m[1mNo loader found for resource:
res://video1.ogv [0;31m At: core/io/resource
close data.pck flags 1 close data.pck flags 1 close data.pck flags 1
[1;31mERROR: load: [0m[1mNo loader found for resource:
res://video1.ogv [0;31m At: core/io/resourceloader.cpp:218.[0m
[1;33mWARNING: parse
variant: [0m[1mCouldn't load resource:
res://video1.ogv [0;33m At:
core/io/resourceformatbinary.cpp:434.[0m close data.pck flags 1
close data.pck flags 1 [1;31mERROR: emitsignal: [0m[1mError calling
method from signal 'enter
'Area2D(botoesb.gd)::onplaybalaoentertree': Method not found.
[0;31m At: core/object.cpp:1215.[0m "

The most strange thing is that, everything goes fine when I press "play the project", or F5, before the export process. I am working with OGV file.


I've got the same problem and message.

Any news since your last comment ?

No, nobody answers this. Here, by forum or via IRC.
I think it's a bug, I can't think another problem than that.

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me too I found the same problems, videoclips becomes invisible when I export to HTML5.... any tips? thanks in advice

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