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Hello I'm still getting used to GoDot. I'm trying to make a planet that has a high detailed surface and to do so i would need to add and remove detail from the mesh based on distanced. Can someone point me in the right direction to get this done? Thank you

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Do you mean LOD?

The issue with LOD is its not viable to make that many revisions of the mesh myself considering the scale of the planet. SO yes LOD is the answer but im looking for the best way to implement it with something that is the scale of a planet since making 200 versions of the same mesh is not ideal.

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There is a general method in games, I forgot the name and the abbreviation ... With this method objects are loaded in more detail when approaching and you save a lot of resources!

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Yeah its LOD I think you are referring too, right now the best option I have is to split the planet up into 152 separate meshes than to make 5 different levels of detail for each one for a total of 760 different meshes and to make a script to swap them out based on distances which is doable but tedious.

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