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Hey all,

is there a way to read from gdscript the Exported Version ?
For example in Android export dialog, we set the version code and version name.

That would be helpful to display to the user.


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Try adding your own property to the project and then read it with:

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You can do something like this:

if OS.get_name() == "Android":
    var export_config: ConfigFile = ConfigFile.new()
    var err = export_config.load("res://export_presets.cfg")
    if err == OK:
        print(export_config.get_value("preset.1.options", 'version/code'))
        print(export_config.get_value("preset.1.options", 'version/name'))
        print('[engine_root] Error open export_presets.cfgs')

export_presets.cfg need to be added manually to list of files to be exported

maybe you will need to change this param "preset.1.options"

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Epic, works like a charm and saved my day :)

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