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How to modify a label with a var:
If var +1 the label = +1
Iike: if var is +1 label number "2" +1 = 3
Do you get It?

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It's me from the future ... :)
try this:

var score = 0
signal score

func ready():
score = 0
func _proces(delta):

func update_score(score):
$label.text = str(score)

func onsignalscore(): (you have to conect de Signal with the script)
score += 1

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You can get a reference to a Node using get_node() which takes a NodePath (ultimately could be a string) so I guess you can do what you intend using get_node().

There is probably a better solution for the question you're asking, from a design perspective.

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Thank you for the answer. It really helped me.

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If you want to always do this, you can use a setter-function:

var number setget set_number

func set_number(new_value):
    number = new_value
    get_node("Label").text = number
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