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I've used this:

extends KinematicBody2D

const GRAVITY = 10
const SPEED = 60
const FLOOR = Vector2(0, -1)

var velocity = Vector2()

var direction = 1

func _ready():

func physicsprocess(delta):
velocity.x = SPEED * direction

if direction == 1:
    $AnimatedSprite.flip_h = true
    $AnimatedSprite.flip_h = false

velocity.y += GRAVITY

velocity = move_and_slide(velocity, FLOOR)

if is_on_wall():

    direction = direction * -1
    $RayCast2D.position.x *= -1

if $RayCast2D.is_colliding() == false:

    direction = direction * -1
    $RayCast2D.position.x *= -1

But when the enemy collides with a wall or goes to an edge he starts changing direction super fast on himself without walking. I used a raycast that doesn't touch the collision shape and it's directed on the ground (x=0 y=32)

asked May 16 in Engine by MightyRat (55 points)

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This part seems to do it:

if is_on_wall():
     direction = direction * -1

If you overlap so this is triggered, direction changes, but then it does not move away fast enough, so still overlaps for next frame.

answered Jun 2 by Becbunzen (156 points)
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