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Hi guys, I have a problem with my KinematicBody2D
It is supossed to be a ship that goes to a certain point:

Vector2 motion = (point - global_position)
move_and_slide(motion * speed)
if (global_position.distance_to(point) == 0):

This is called in process, and the dostuff() method is not getting called. I suposse this is because of the stuttering that the body has when it reaches the point vector
Anyone has an idea of what can I do to fix this? Thanks

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I had to implement my own tolerance method, because isequalapprox() didn't work for me. This is a snippet of what I did:

if distance >= (stop_distance - tolerance) and distance <= (stop_distance + tolerance):
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You should never compare a floating point value to another value using ==. There are likely very minor floating point differences between the numbers that will prevent them from being exactly equal. Instead, you need to compare that they are within some small tolerance of being the same.

You can either do that yourself or use the in-built:

is_equal_approx ( float a, float b )

So, in your case:

if is_equal_approx(global_position.distance_to(point), 0):
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