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I found this tutorial:


The part I'm stuck with for the 2.1 version of Godot is:

Color phases - Count: 3
Phase 0 - Pos: 0, Color: Alpha 0 (invisible)
Phase 1 - Pos: 0.2, Color: Alpha 255 (visible, this create a smooth fadein effect instead of popping in)
Phase 2 - Pos: 1, Color: Your normal values

Problem is, when he gets to the Color phases part, we don't have that anymore. We have a color ramp. I'm curious how can I do the same thing with the 3 part color phases using the ramp instead? When I try to change colors in the color ramp to 3, it just goes back to zero. Not exactly sure how to mimick this :P

asked Aug 17, 2016 in Engine by wombatTurkey (298 points)

I think I got it.. not sure maybe someone can help, but here is what I got so far and it seems to be working:
So I guess think as the Color Ramp as a little animation timeline that the particles will use?

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