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I am developing a prototype for an android game and I am having some issues with the fps. I wasnt sure if it is a performance issue since the proyect involves some physics calculations for buoyancy and so on, but i tried disabling the most heavy process functions and it seems to stil get the same rating...

I've tried to use GLES2 (witch i am not sure if makes any difference since the game is 2d), to set a force fps.. The strange thing is that it doesnt matter whatever I make the rate seems to be exactly the same (neither better or worse), anything makes any difference...
I am a bit frustrated with this and I have tried everyting I found online, thats why I am asking here.

I added a simple label to display the fps and in the computer it can make 60fps easily, but when exporting I get 7 or 8!

Its a huge difference and I cant seem to figure out a cause. The physics fps are 60, resolution is 600x1024... I though that maybe it was because of the buoyancy simulation, but it doesnt seem to make that much of a diference...

Is there anything I could be missing?


Here is an example of the fps display in my phone

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This could be due to line drawing, which is notoriously slow on some devices. Try using a few sprites to represent the line instead.

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