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What is going on. The camera2d node is set to current, and it is attached to the player node.

It is within a canvas layer node, would that impact it?

The kinematic body is within the canvas layer, then the camera is inside the kinematic body.
From what kidscancode said as a response, this should have no impact on the camera, but now the camera won't follow the player at all. It seems not to use the camera, and I was wondering if the engine doesn't check in canvas layer nodes for cameras that are set to current.

edit 2: simple spelling mistake "seam -> seem"

asked May 14 in Engine by Opherus (12 points)
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Yes. If it's on a different canvas layer from the player, it's not going to affect the player.

answered May 14 by kidscancode (17,168 points)

It is within the player node, within the canvas layer node.

as in, the player is in the canvas layer node, and then the camera is within the player.

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