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Just like the title said , i have a lot of unused assets in the folder , and this counts as orphan nodes , does this cause any issue , like a memory leak or something like that.
I also tried to delete those nodes , but it gave me an error , i dont know what to do.
I tried to use this code to add the nodes

var nodes = []
for node in nodes:

but it didn't have an effect , i tried using a for and that slowed down the rise of the nodes , but it destroyed my fps , my project is a very simple 2d platformer

asked May 12 in Projects by i.want.to.die (28 points)
edited May 12 by i.want.to.die

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Unused assets won't result in an orphan node in your scene tree (unless you instance it somehow). Therefore, they won't impact the game's performance - they'll only increase the game distribution's file size.

answered May 18 by Calinou (6,336 points)
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