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I would like to simulate a large number of objects falling to the ground, As they fall, I would like them to randomly rotate about their pivot point. Imagine dropping a bunch of tiny cubes, how they would randomly tumble around in the air until they hit the ground.

I am using a 3D particle system with a custom mesh as the particle and I am able to make the particles spin on a single axis. However, I'd like for them to rotate around their pivot point on all axises. Is this possible using the the 3D particle system?

asked May 11 in Engine by GeordiLaThor (12 points)

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I'm not sure because I haven't tested it myself, but I think you can do that using a "ParticleMaterial".

The documentation explains a method for controlling the position and velocity of particles.


If you need to send variables to your shader, you can use the "set_param()" function in your script.

Hope this helps.

answered May 13 by kris_bsx (42 points)
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