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The second day I google the tutorials, but nothing comes of it. All tutorials link to splitscreen demo, but it is made under the second Godot and does not work in the third.

The problem is this: I want to render the world in the main viewport and its simplified view on the minimap in another viewport using two different cameras.

In the main viewport the main AnimatedSprite node of objects should be rendered, and on the minimap there are only additional Sprite node of objects with their schematic view.

Tried to do so:

--- Camera2D
--- World
-----AnimatedSprite # for main viewport
-----Sprite # for minimap
-----AnimatedSprite # for main viewport
-----Sprite # for minimap
--- Camera2D

In code I assign main viewport's world to minimap's viewport:

$ ViewportMinimap.world = $ ViewportMain.world

For the main AnimatedSprite I set Light Layer #1, for the sketchy Sprite I set Light Layer #2.

And it does not work.

Firstly, nothing is displayed on the minimap. I don’t understand how to make it work. How to tell minimap's viewport to use the world from main viewport?

Secondly, I can’t find anywhere how to set the camera which Light Layer it has to display (in the three-dimensional Camera there is a Cull Layer parameter, but I don’t see it here).

Will this approach hit performance?

How to correctly implement minimap without need to modify it when you add new object to game?

How to correctly replace scenes when player moves from one to another if it child of the Viewport?

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You asked multiple questions, here is my 2 cents for the first one:

If you didn't change OwnWorld property of ViewportMain you should probably use world_2d instead world, i.e.:

$ViewportMinimap.world_2d = $ViewportMain.world_2d

world property is for 3D, world_2d is for 2D.

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Yes, you are right. Here is working project: https://gamedev.ru/files/?id=146737

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