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I have read all the news from Godot because i love Godot and i wanted to know all the news from the beginning...


You have a lot of complaints about GDScript. We hear you! Loud and clear. Every few days someone is asking for Lua, C#, real Python, or some other kind of scripting language that isn’t the one that we had so tightly integrated into the engine.

Effective immediately, Godot has no scripting language. Just download the Free Godot Engine source code program directly in C++! Or better yet, you can integrate your favorite VM!
Post of the aritcle

Now the April's fools joke is becoming true :

I love GDScript and i don't have any problem on Visual Scripting (i like it too ) but supporting C# will be given more emphasis and GDScript will be obsolete...

That's my opinion and I wanted to posted it

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Integrating C# will likely be a single event. You do it once and then it's done. It'll have to be updated with some regularity to cope with Mono's updates, but that's true for all external libs Godot is using.

Meanwhile, GDScript is an ongoing effort. It needs to be polished, improved, optimized. It'll always be worked on. And it'll be always heavily integrated with the engine, the preferred way to do plugins and game code.

You're reading the news now, but this all have been carefully thought for a long time.

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GDScript will always be the main supported language, and our recommended choice for all Godot users.


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Hopefully this is going to happen but something tells me .. nahh forget it

I understand that concern. The same news post talks about Godot 2.2 and Godot 3.0 and there's no plan about a static GDScript or other improvements anymore.

In consequence, to seriously release a game, people will be forced to use microsoft C# because it will be the only solution to improve efficiency.
In that case GDScript will be just a toy, whether you like it or not. Personnally I found this sad because GDScript have a cleaner syntax, it's easier and without V.M.

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I don't understand the fear of additional languages. It's like "I am an dinosaur and I want everyones to be dinosaur".

No offense but people like that complain and are worried that Windows supports Java and Linux supports C#. Do you think that java is worse or Linux obsolete because Windows supports Java? Sprite should be obsolete because there is AnimatedSprite that also can display static image.... No one is stopping you to write everything in even machine language.

I was C# programmer (which is wonderful language - try it), but I use GDScript and also finds it very good. I am happy that C# is coming to Godot and I will be happy to check how it works.

That is a great work and that will be a huge advantage for Godot. It will not only remove the barrier for c# programmers that do not know python but also will give opportunity to Godot programmers to learn c# language.

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