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Hi there, Godot community!

I'm really new with Godot, and I wanted to try it by creating a small platform game. I caught a tileset on the internet and there is these elements in it :
enter image description here
I want to use the first 3x4 element with auto-tile, but I can't figure out a way to force the position of the second and third row.
enter image description here
In this example, there are some of the tiles that are good, but others are misplaced. That is of course due to the bitmask I used, and in fact I really don't see what bitmask I should be using...

That's the one I used. I also tried on 3x3x3, but no way to find out the good one...
enter image description here

A solution I thought of is to use 32x16 px tiles instead of 16x16 like the rest of the tilemap, but I didn't manage to specify that the 32x16 should apply ONLY to the first element...

I might not be clear in my explainations, I'm sorry for the bad english

asked May 7 in Engine by marc74140 (12 points)

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