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I just finished these two tutorials:

Now I would like to put it together and make a C++ module which creates a geometry for Godot engine. But I don't know how to connet these two things.

For example I have implemented Hydraulic Errosion Terrain generatrion in my SimpleSimulationEngine writen in C++

Assuming I have arrays of verts and indices arrays on the output of my HydraulicTerrain C++ module (as plain C++ arrays float []), what should I do in order to render them in Godot and eventually use them as collision shape?


My job is programing physical simulations (I'm actually scientist). I'm trying to use Godot as a visualization layer (3D renderer with scene graph + GUI + controls) on top of my C++ based physical simulation. I was using SDL2 + OpenGL until recently, but to make visually appealing renderer and cene graph using pure OpenGL is too much work, which I want to avoid by using Godot.

I have to say, I did not watched much other Godot tutorials (not even tried to make "my first 2D/3D game" example). I'm not very inclined to GDscript since I assume it is slow.

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