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When I create a node from a tool script, it doesn't appears in the scene tree, and is not saved. How can I make it visible and/or saved?

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You have to set the new node's owner as the scene root. When you save a scene the editor saves the root node itself and every node it owns.


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I tried this:


but it produces an error:

ERROR: Node::is_editable_instance: Condition ' !is_a_parent_of(p_node) ' is true. returned: false
At: scene\main\node.cpp:1441

It should be the root of the scene, not the root Viewport. Something lilke:


Is this valid on runtime / exported game?
I guess it should be like this, I guess:

if get_tree().is_editor_hint():

The editor hint check is needed, I think. You can use get_tree().get_current_scene() in the game.

Actually I think in game there is no need to declare an owner because it's just like instancing any node.

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