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I'm getting the acceleration of my RigidBody2D this way (it work):

func _process(_delta):

func calc_accelerations():
    var v0 = linear_velocity
    var r0 = angular_velocity
    var dt = 0.1
    yield(get_tree().create_timer(dt), "timeout") #wait for dt seconds
    var v1 = linear_velocity
    var r1 = angular_velocity

    acc = (v1 - v0)/dt    #dv/dt
    racc = (r1 - r0)/dt   #dTheta/dt

But the yield() induce lots of errors when my RigidBody2D is deleted from the scene. I use queue_free() to delete it.

Is there a clean way of accessing the acceleration ?
I tried putting a Timer child but it didn't worked with small delay

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Any reason why you don't simply use the delta-argument provided to _process?

var v0
var r0

func _process(delta):
    if v0 and r0:
        var acc  = (linear_velocity  - v0) / delta
        var racc = (angular_velocity - r0) / delta
    v0 = linear_velocity
    r0 = angular_velocity
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thanks, I didn't thought about using delta

I just had to put it in physicsprocess() and it worked perfectly

Can someone explain why (linearvelocity - v0) is not 0 ? It should be zero right because v0 is also linearvelocity of the same frame.

v0 is actually the linear_velocity of the previous frame in this context if I understood correctly

Yes, it should be the linear velocity of the previous frame as per the acceleration formula goes, but how do we assign v0 the linear velocity of the previous frame, I am scratching my head over this long time

Let's say linear_velocity increases by 1.0 every frame,

Frame |  v0  | linear_velocity | v0 = linear_velocity
0     |  0.0 | 0.0             | 0.0
1     |  0.0 | 1.0             | 1.0
2     |  1.0 | 2.0             | 2.0
3     |  2.0 | 3.0             | 3.0

So you calculate acceleration with v0 and linear_velocity then prepare v0 for the next frame

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