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I'm new to Godot but I got really interested in trying some advanced stuff with the autotile feature. From watching tutorials I became somewhat familiar with how the bitmask works, but there is something I'd like to do that I just can't even imagine how from what I've seen:
Having different types of terrain/background interact with one another through the autotile system, something like...
Imagine that the background of the autotile is just transparency. Now imagine there are some jungle stone temple blocks, as well as some jungle grass/dirt blocks and both have their own autotile system telling them which sprites to use for which shapes and such, regular autotile stuff.
But how do I make it so that the stone blocks interact with the grass and dirt?

I know there has to be some way because Terraria seems to do this well enough, while it's not perfect, you can still have something like the stone blocks inside the dirt and it behaves like a whole new autotile:
enter image description here
enter image description here
I searched for advanced tutorials and in the documentation, but I didn't really find anything on this. Then I tried some thought experiments involving inverted bitmasks, and pairs of bitmasks without the center square that match each other's normal bitmask, but since I couldn't wrap my head around it really well and I had no clue if there was a way it would even work, I decided it was best to just ask.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

asked May 2 in Engine by NeolythicRichat01 (12 points)

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