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The image isn't expandable and it's too small to read any error. Maybe paste the error text directly?

toda vez que faço o codigo

extends Node2D

var move = Vector2 ()

func physicsprocess(delta)
if Input.isactionpressed ("uiright"):
move = 100
if Input.is
actionpressed ("uileft"):
move =100


aparece error(9,24) The method "moveandcollide" isn't declared in the current class

move_and_collide() is a KinematicBody method. Change extends Node2D to extends KinematicBody2D.

Also you'll get more errors with move = 100. move is a Vector2 so it needs to be something like move = Vector2(100, 0) or move = Vector2.RIGHT*100

Outro erro é
The argument (delta) is never used in the function 'physicsprocess'. If this intended prefix It with an underscore: '_delta'

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