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Does anyone have a something for Facebook integration in Godot ? If not I will start from scratch :)
Seems Fb it's a must for mobile developers..

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spent some time and integrated share via intent, only to find out that the newest Facebook versions doesn't allow you to share text using intents.. Seems to be working on anything else though.... bad Fb... me also newbie ..
Now I'll have to try the messy way with the FB sdk

I was wondering if you did manage to get facebook integeration in godot.


no, not a real integration. I have the : "share" menu showing up, the user can chose to share (an image) through everything that has this option on the phone, including facebook.

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Facebook integration is just an HTTP API (all of the SDKs are just wrappers around), so you can use the HTTPClient object to make API calls.

Maybe someone (or even yourself) can make a plugin and share it on the Asset Library.

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Hey! This is kind of an old question, but I thought I'd share my solution anyway.

I couldn't get an official FB api to work, but through this tutorial: http://www.exploreroute.com/simplest-way-to-share-score-on-facebook-with-unity/ I managed to use FB url redirection on Godot too. I have this function on Global:

func share_on_fb(app_id, link, quote, picture, name, caption, description):
  quote = quote.replace(" ", "%20")
  name = name.replace(" ", "%20")
  caption = caption.replace(" ", "%20")
  description = description.replace(" ", "%20")
  OS.shell_open(share_dict["http"] + "app_id=" + app_id + "&link=" + link + "&quote=" + quote + "&picture=" + picture + "&name=" + name + "&caption=" + caption + "&description=" + description + "&redirect_uri=" + share_dict["redirect_uri"])

And then I use it on the "Share" button. You have to get a FB Developer app working, though - it's nothing complicated, but you need the App ID.

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Old question, but I wrote tutorial how to implement FB login using facebpook login for devices: https://www.fullstackend.com/2017/02/godot-2-1-facebook-login/

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Did not tried it yet, but I will and I'll report back.

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This module seems to be no longer maintained and outdated. On GoDot master (3.2) it fails on the Python scrip. On 3.2.1 (latest stable) it fails due to gradle dependencies and duplicate class: Execution failed for task ':checkDebugDuplicateClasses'.

I'm the maintainer of this module. Now you can use NativeLib to install precompiled Facebook module for iOS and Android.
NativeLib you can get here https://github.com/DrMoriarty/nativelib or just download it from AssetLib.

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