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Recently, I did a Godot project, with the intention of exporting it to html5.
When I export it, everything goes well and the program does not inform me of any errors, but when I have already exported it, and I run it in my browser (Mozilla Firefox) an image of loading comes out, and in some according to the following error message: "Failed loading file 'web.wasm'".
Could someone tell me what I should do to fix this problem?

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Are you just opening the HTML file with Firefox? That won't work, you need to run a HTTP Server in your export directory and then navigate there with your browser. Browsers stopped supporting just opening files a while ago.
If you have python3 installed you can run python -m http.server in your export directory.
There's also the http-server package for nodejs if you happen to have that installed.

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but how I can install and run a server in such directory?

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