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I have been interested in visual scripting for a long time and I am curious about Godot's philosophy on visual scripting. One of the best implementations of visual scripting I have used is the IOS Hyperpad app:


How will Godot make visual scripting appealing. Blueprints isn't that appealing to me as it is like building shaders in Blender 3D.

A post I made a while ago on Gamedev.net


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Visual Scripting in Godot is not really meant to be solely used in a complete project. It is made so designers can tweak functionalities implemented by programmers.

In the end I believe it'll be similar to Blueprints (but not the same).

However, the Visual Scripting in Godot is in very early stages. So if you have a concrete suggestion, please open an issue on GitHub so the devs can check it out.

answered Aug 14, 2016 by vnen (791 points)

But create a Point and Click adventure game only using Visual Scripting would be great -an artist should focus more on the story and graphics.
With Blueprints this is possible - so we can create a whole adventure game only using the BluePrints....that's great, isn't it?

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