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how can i move the camera3D from the script

asked Apr 30 in Engine by ManiCus (85 points)

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This question is not very specific.

Camera is a Spatial node, so moving it works the same as any other 3D node. Do you know how to move Spatial nodes?

You move a 3D node by manipulating its transform. transform.origin is the object's position in 3D space, and transform.basis represents its rotation.

Alternatively, you can parent the camera to another object, and it will move along with that object. The specifics really depend on how you want to move it.

answered Apr 30 by kidscancode (17,762 points)
selected May 1 by ManiCus

Thanks if someone else sherch that information its important to remark this:

for moving the posicition is: transform.origin.y/x/z

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