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Is there an in-engine GIT console or equivalent, so that I wont have to use GIT separately when working on repository projects?

I do not mind using GIT separately, but I figure I would ask since we would save time by not having to go back and forward between GIT and Godot Engine if it was part of Godot Engine. :)

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There's currently no built-in support for VCS in godot, you'll have to use git seperately.

I tried making a plugin for this using libgit2. I got it to init a repo and add files to staging, but then lacked the motivation to continue working on this.

Maybe I'll pick up that project again sometime in the future, but it doesn't have priority.
I find the git workflow allready very fast and efficient ^^

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I am not sure that Godot should handle this itself. I mean, Godot is a Game Engine/Editor, it is not supposed to bring support for repository management "natively" (because it would not touch the majority of users) although this is a good example of an idea for a plugin.

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If we can get a simple addon system like Unity uses; adding addons by the press of a button - then creating an GIT repository addon would be super-neat. Among other addons, making the most popular addons ideal candidates to fully implement into the game engine. :)
I think this will be an idea to add for the future Asset Sharing System.
I'm also not too fond of simplifying too much the usage of git; git is a very powerful but also hard to learn tool, and most "utilities" that try to make its usage easier give *very* bad practices to their users. And if we want our users to be co-developers of Godot to some extent, they need to learn good practices :)

But if there were a strong wish for in-engine VCS support, it should likely be done with a simpler tool than git. Maybe something like fossil.
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