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I have the latest version of Godot 2.1. stable and I want to change the theme like the image on the blog section. Somebody know where is the option to change it like the image?
Godot white theme
Also is there any way to fix the Godot run icon on OS X, it looks very pixelated. I know this is not necessary to use the engine but I want the image show correctly ñ_ñ
enter image description here
Any help is appreciated.

asked Aug 11, 2016 in Gossip by MartSerra (13 points)

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The only theme in Godot right now is the current dark theme. The white one is here: https://github.com/Geequlim/godot-themes

As for the icon, you have to compile the whole engine and change the icon for better one.

answered Aug 11, 2016 by GlaDOSik (810 points)

Thanks for the answer @GlaDOSik I will try to change for a withe color scheme as the picture.

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