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I have trouble to recompile Godot with edited .png files.
(the changes I did to files like Godot\scene\resources\defaulttheme\buttonnormal.png don't take effect. At least I cant see the changes in the compiled Programm)

Even if I do scons platform=windows -c,
for a clean recompile. Image files still don't get changed.
I once got it compiled with changes, I made to some png. files. I think that was because I also change one or two lines of code.

How can I get Godot compiled that changes at .png files take effect?
Or is there maybe even a way to just apply edited image files without recompile the whole engine ?

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There is cpp file in tools/editor/editor_icons.cpp.
AFAIK, default gui uses this file which has png image info, instead of .png files.

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Okay thats new to me, thank you.
But how can I than change the gui theme. I once did it by modifying the .png files. How?
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