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I'm working towards the classic robot/spider IK limbs and can't figure out why the leg mesh object doesn't follow the bones. I made the model in blender (and exported using the Better .dae Exporter).

Gif showing exactly what I mean by mesh wont follow bones

I have tried multiple variations of node structure (including bone attachments) from the documentation / video tutorial, but this is the starting structure exported from blender for one leg:
Skeleton structure

The IK worked fine in blender, it's only once imported to Godot that it stops moving properly. Hopefully this is enough information to work off of.

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Hi I was recently having the same problem.
Though I'm not completely sure why if there is an animation playing the mesh will correctly follow the bones.
Can you try adding an idle animation and then use Play IK?

Edit: it seems like if the bones start out all aligned along some axis it will screw up the solver. The animation appeared to solve the problem since it made them start from different positions before starting the solver.

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