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following this tutorial, using my own character and animation, but got an error at line 18: set_anim(target_dir)

Error: The method "set_anim" isn't declared in the current class.

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Looking at the video at some point, you can see the user created a set_anim function with tutorial code inside. You get this error because you didn't create such function. Maybe you made a typo?

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thanks a lot!

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Surely as the "set_anim" class will not exist, you should create it yourself.
But you can also declare a variable with the value of the node that contains the animation, and then you should put the name of that variable followed by ".animation =" and the name of the animation, which you want to change (between quotes) or the name of the variable that contains the name of this animation.
I hope it helps you.
Mxt08 :)

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thanks a lot!

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