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Is there a simpe * way to create my own heir to InputEvent?

I'd like to catch, say, three separate JoypadMotion events, mark them handled and make an event "JoypadStateChange" to send all three axes as properties of one event.

*- I mean, no changes to the engine itself, just using GDScript or maybe GDNative.

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Not sure exactly what you want to occur, but this sounds very similar:

Specifically the InputMap singleton documentation linked from there.

That's not exatly what I want.
That's about InputMap and InputEventAction. InputEventAction has only one float property to use, "strength".
I want to make an event with several properties, say, "axisstrength1", "axisstrength2", "axisstrength3" and so on, or with one property which is of other type, for instance, Basis or Transform2D.

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