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Hi, I've been trying to get the hang of the animation tree player, and it's really nice, but I've faced an error, this pops on the debug console:

Type: Error
Time: 0:00:00:03 25
C Error: Condition ' nodemap.has (pnode) ' is true.
C Source: scene/animation/animationtreeplayer.cpp:970
C Function: add node

I've found that this error blocks (so far) the transition node, I've tried to change the transition state of the node with "transitionnodesetcurrent" but nothing happens.
However, trying to change, for example, the amount of blending on a blend3 node works just fine.
BTW, I'm used to put labels on screen to "debug" while testing my game, and getting the current state with "transition
nodegetcurrent" gives me the supposed state that I've setted with "transitionnodeset_current", but the animation doesn't change.

I get this error on godot from version 2.0.2 stable to 2.1 stable, while on ubuntu 15.04, I haven't tried on windows.

I couldn't upload a sample project with the error now, but soon I will if that helps.

Thanks in advance!!

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The player seems to work fine after I've reloaded the instance with the animation tree player, but I still got the error on the debug console. For now this is not an issue for me, however I don't know if there will be an issue with that.

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