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I have two variables:

# source of variable - AStar2D id (type: int)
var point = 604
# Vector2 of two ints
var map_size = Vector2(100, 100) 

When I try

return point % map_size.x

I get this error (Invalid operands 'int' and 'float' in operator '%')

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Vector2 uses float numbers. x and y are float. Using ints to make one does not determine its type.

% only works on integers.
So if you want to use this operator you must cast to integer:

return point % int(map_size.x)
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note if the map_size is not exactly integer sized this will simply cut off anything after the decimal point. which is probably what you want anyway but something to keep in mind.

Well this is unexpected, Should've checked docs.
I hoped duck typing did all the job for me :P Thank you!

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