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So I wanted to implement Discord's Rich Presence in my game but there seems to be no official documents on how to do it other than some github libraries I found in the internet. I don't understand how to install it and I feel very confused. Can anyone please tell me how to do it?

asked Apr 24 in Engine by TheBluSalmon (12 points)

From a quick GitHub search, it seems none of the Discord plugins have been updated for Godot 3.2, unfortunately.

Last year, DIscord deprecated the open source discord-rpc in favor of the proprietary Discord GameSDK. While it's still technically possible to integrate it into Godot, this will likely hinder third-party integrations. (discord-rpc still works today, but I wouldn't expect it to work forever.)

Oh ok. So 3.1 plugins do not work on 3.2? That's sad..

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