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https://imgur.com/2soVdA0 for a snip of the issue, it makes spacing difficult in gridcontainers and just general plotting of the UI.

asked Apr 24 in Engine by Mortal_Zen (12 points)

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Select your label in the scene tree and navigate to Rect > Size in the inspector. Click the reset button left of the current value. If that doesn't solve your issue, then it's due to the font you're using. Go to Custom Fonts > Font > Settings > Extra Spacing to adjust your settings. You can insert negative values as well.

answered Apr 24 by njamster (8,986 points)

I checked all those things, and none of them are more than default, it seems if I set the font in the label itself it's fine... but if I put it in as the Project Setting custom font it adds the spacing. Wait. It didn't this time? I don't know anymore. It's fixed now, but now I just want to know what happened.

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