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I have a Node2D with a Sprite. If I zoom with the camera the sprite gets smaller and bigger. Very normal. Now I give the Node2D e.g. a popup as a child node. If I zoom now, the popup will get accordingly smaller and larger. What do I have to do, so that the Popup doesn't get smaller and bigger when I zoom.

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Make your Popup-node the child of a CanvasLayer-node.

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Thanks a lot the size does not change anymore, but the position is not correct at all. When I move the camera the popup does not stay on the Node2D.

Yeah, it's on a separate Layer and will not scroll with the camera. If you want that, you're probably better off by making sure your Popup's scale-property is equal to the Camera's zoom-property, that should cancel out the zoom as well.

Ah, OK. Thank you very much!

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