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>  _load_data: Condition "!f" is true. Returned: ERR_CANT_OPEN 
>     C++>scene/resources/texture.cpp:502 @ _load_data()

Scene works fine, but error appears.
What is meant and how to find "texture.cpp:502"?

I deleted all the textures from the scene, nothing has changed. Also deleted the folder ".import" and it also did not help.

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Happens to me on for a project I started on Linux and cloned on Windows. Error doesn't show on Linux.

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The problem was solved. I ran all child scenes and just let them load, saved and restarted

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Worked for me as well.

Worked for me too, thanks!

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Я решил так. Я просто удалил сцену которая не появилась и просто заново её сделал. Всё решилось.

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