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Ok, I don't know what I'm doing wrong or if there are some limitations I'm not aware of.

I have made an animation in Blender of 4 rocks falling. 3 of them have a collisionshape so the car can't drive through them. Since they only need fall once and then are part of the track, I have them as StaticBody.
With the import, there was one AnimationPlayer created, with the 4 animations of the falling rocks in it. They do work in the editor.
But what am I doing wrong here? Because when I go to that area, only on rock has already fallen even before I enter that area and is even floating.
When I comment 3 of the animations, the rock falls completely, but again has already fallen before I get there.

So what's wrong with my code? And isn't there a way to just say that that player needs to play all the animations in it? Why do I need to call every rocks animation seperatly?

animation on area entered

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