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The question is self explanatory.
I've searched in the AnimationPlayer's inspector and panel, the editor settings, the project settings and I didn't find nothing to change this option. This is quite needed for me, since I make the animations in Blender using the frames as reference.
Using the last release (2.1 stable).
Thanks. ;)

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You can cheat a bit to get what you want ;-)

You just have to convert frames into seconds : time = frame/FPS
However, the frame duration are not fixed by default. You have to set the "Process Mode" of the animation to "Fixed" (from the inspector or via set_animation_process_mode(ANIMATION_PROCESS_FIXED) )

It means that the animation will play at the same FPS than the Physics of the game. You can find this value in the project settings/Physics/fixed_fps or Globals.get("physics/fixed_fps")

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