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just a thought.

is there any ways to stop showing every single thing in a 2d project?
so when i am searching for objects, nodes etc. it only shows 2d objects/nodes, if i am working in a 2d project.
also the same with 3d. just to stop loads and loads popping up.

if not, that would be a nice request. but as an option, not hard-coded in


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I had the same view of Godot when it first released. At that time I was familiar with other game engines especially unity. So whatever we see in Godot our mind will try to find the connections between Godot and other engines.

The reality is that Godot doesn't work that way. It is not a 2d or 3d engine. It is both at the same time. What we see in the hierarchy panel is our game. The hierarchy can have both 2d and 3d nodes. The scene editor switches to 2d or 3d mode according to what is selected in the hierarchy.

That said, your best option is to not use mouse when adding a new node. Start typing the name of the required node. There is a feature request to implement fuzzy search in node listing, I am not sure if it is implemented.

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There is currently no way of doing that without recompiling. Also, making a 3D game doesn't means you'll never need 2D nodes, you could use them for GUI stuff for example.

I usually use the search bar when creating a new node, there are so many of them anyways :)

There is an option to compile Godot without 3D support, but apparently it doesn't works well at the moment: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/1701

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look at this enhancement wish I added a while a go https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/3734

It add a possibility to filter the results of the "Create New Node" Window to only see 2D, 3D, Controls and so on.

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