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I'm working on a puzzle game based on a light beam thet gets reflected in mirrors. It looks like a white line. My problem is how can i make it reflect in mirrors when it touches them?
This is what i'm trying to achieve:
Visual representation

What im thinking is making an area 2d that detects when it touches a mirror and triggers a function in its script that will once again instanciate the light beam scene. But how will it get the corect rotation? how do i make it stop when it reaches an obsacle?

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Probably best to use a ray which casts to the mirror, then get the angle of incidence and follow the law of reflection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt-SG7Pn8UU

If you do this you will need to cast a new ray with each bounce.

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Hi, thank you! i know how reflections work, i studied them in physics class!
Problem is i dont quite know how to do that. in the engine.
Thank you still for your answer!

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