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I need to create a thumbnail of a specified size from viewport to save game. How to create thumbnail? As a thumbnail, save it to disk?

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The Viewport class has a queue_screen_capture() function. You can get the viewport with get_tree().get_root().

I never used it yet, but according to documentation you have to call queue_screen_capture(), which will start an asynchronous screen capture. Then, several frames later, you get the screenshot with get_screen_capture(): http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/classes/class_viewport.html?highlight=queue_screen_capture#class-viewport-queue-screen-capture

You can poll for that image in _process() I guess. Then if the image is too big, you can resize it with var thumbnail = captured_image.resized(width, height).

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I've long not solved this problem. Now I did it. Thank you very much.

I hope it will not be revised in Godot 3.0...

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