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Hi guys, I wanna make my character face the direction to where he is heading.
Here's the script:

public void Move()

    velocity = new Vector3();
    if (Input.IsActionPressed("right"))
        velocity.x += 1;
    if (Input.IsActionPressed("left"))
        velocity.x -= 1;
    if (Input.IsActionPressed("down"))
        velocity.z += 1;
    if (Input.IsActionPressed("up"))
        velocity.z -= 1;
    velocity = velocity.Normalized() * speed;

public override void _PhysicsProcess(float delta)
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Make the character MeshInstance(s) children of a spatial and use look_at()

character_spatial.look_at(transform.origin + velocity, Vector3.UP)
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Unfortunately, it doesn't work, probably because it is a Sprite3D.
In 2D there is this simple method:

sprite.rotation = velocity.Angle();

In 3D it's another story since it uses a Vector3 as rotation, is there any ways I can mimic the same thing?

2D rotation is a float, 3D rotation uses Basis which can be set by a basis, quaternion or Vector3. There isn't a 3D method similar to angle(). look_at() is the easiest method to use here otherwise you need to get a target rotation and rotate to it. The only other workaround I can think of (but can't guarantee if it'll work) is cheat using Vector2(Vector3.x, Vector3.z).angle() and set rotation_degrees.y to the returned float.

In this case your Vector3 will be the velocity variable.

Looks like setting the rotation.z to new Vector2(veclocity.x, velocity.z).angle() does the trick. Thanks!

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