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This is my first attempt to create something in Godot. But I have some experience with Unity and Game maker. I started building a project, and it comes together quite nicely.

But I am facing a problem, when I start debugging, no window is opened, no errors displayed, but in the output window I see

--- Debugging process started ---
--- Debugging process stopped ---

That's it. I also created an empty project with empty scene, all the same. I was expecting that it at least shows an empty window.

Tried 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.b1, all the same.

I am on Mac Catalina 10.15.4

Not sure what might be a problem

Please, experts advise

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There's probably not enough info to answer this. Is there any info in the console/terminal?

andersmmg has a point there. Try opening up the executable from the command line. It may spit out some error message when you try to debug your project.

I'm having the exact same problem with Godot 3.3.2.

Happened this same problem with Godot 3.3.3

Idk what may the problem is, tried to run it on cmd but didnt show any error

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Same here with mono 3.2.2

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For me, using it on WIndows 10 might be because the project is hefty
I don't know about your Mac Catalina, but mine was because of the following:

Sprite player = (Sprite)GetNode("res://ProjectFolder/Character.tscn");

    if (player.Position <= DistanceToPlayer)
        DrawLine(this.Position, player.Position, LineColor, 1, false);

So I don't know if that is hefty for my PC (an AMD Radeon R4 Graphics card and others),

Hope this helps!

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In my case I face with this porblem when I tried to inherit class from custom abstract class. Check inheritings...

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