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Hi! i´m looking for some help to know which is the best way to detect when animation reach its end and play another one inside the same animation node?, or to emit a signal when the current playing animation reach its end.


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There is a many ways to play another animation when a animation ends

In editor

enter image description here

Using queue

get_node("AnimationPlayer").queue("New Anim (2)")

Using signal

get_node("AnimationPlayer").connect("finished", self, "do_anim_finished")


var anim = get_node("AnimationPlayer")
anim.connect("finished", anim, "play", ["New Anim (2)"])
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Thank you very much! this is what i was looking for.

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If you want something to happen on the end of your animation, then you can call functions from animation. That would be the easiest solution, at least I think.

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Thanks a lot!

How exactly this can be done? I haven't seen a way to connect a function with animation directly.

It's over there: enter image description here
After that you just connect it to a node with a script and you can call a func in that script

Thank you very much!

thank you this was useful

Hey i can't attach a script there Could u Help me out?

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