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I'd like to display VR controllers models in game.

OpenVR plugin description is very enigmatic:

OpenVR carries 3D models of controllers, base stations and HMDs.
Wherever possible these models reflect the actual physical appearance
of the devices.

In Godot OpenVR the OpenVRRenderModel class can be used to load these
models into your game or application to be displayed to the user.

I couldn't find information how to load models from class. "Resources" in documentation talk only about loading scene files.

I found class example in Register scripts as classes:

# Declare the class name here
class_name ScriptName, "res://path/to/optional/icon.svg"

func _ready():
    var this = ScriptName           # reference to the script
    var cppNode = MyCppNode.new()   # new instance of a class named MyCppNode


I have no idea how can I work with it to create a mesh for my VR controller. Could anyone steer me in right direction?

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OK, I found it's already made as scene within openvr plugin assets (ovr_controller.tscn)

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